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Our fascination with the city as object, as urban-scale installation, and as industrial design project led us - Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem- to co-found "200Grs" in 2013. The studio's bespoke pieces bring into play craftsmanship and artisanal skill on offer locally in Lebanon that are at risk of disappearing. Our vision involves challenging constraints and adapting exisiting know-how as a way to positively fuel, propel and keep alive our city, Beirut. 

We grew up in a city that taught us to live a day at a time, and to appreciate its value. Our products are made in the same manner: to allow each person to bond with every piece and make it part of his/her everyday life simply.  


200 GRS' Story 


200Grs. deals with notions of scale and genuineness in order to produce unique pieces serving a multitude of miscellaneous functions. These notions along with a calculated balance of handwork and machinery produce objects with an inherent sense of authenticity that is fully explored once the pieces reach their end users. Fitting into a larger discourse of thought that has been present in both of the creators work, 200Grs. showcases functional, candid and sober architectural items all while dealing with concepts of materiality, elasticity, tensions and balance. Accordingly, 200Grs. embodies a discourse of dialogue between its creators and its end users, allowing each object to create unique ergonomic and emotional relationships with its future owner.

What distinguishes 200Grs. is the way we appropriate a ready-made, in the same manner, as we tend to give a different life to a very commonly used object.  


.principal designer: Pascal Hachem & Rana Haddad              |             .portrait: Courtesy of Fillippo Bamberghi                |              .website credits: Reem Chidiac